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Offender management and rehabilitation

Doing things differently: innovation in our justice services

A man and a woman sit in chairs with their backs to the camera. They are both wearing t-shirts with the Catch22 logo on the back. Overlaid is text that reads "Doing things differently".

For the past two weeks, Catch22 has been highlighting innovative practice across its justice services to demonstrate how we do things differently: from our approach to service design and interventions, through to the way we measure impact and incorporate the voice of lived experience.

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Catch22 delivers a range of services in the Criminal Justice System (CJS), supporting both victims and those convicted of crimes. Catch22 delivers support and advocacy to victims of crime through its Victim First and Hertfordshire Beacon services. Our CRS contracts, like Personal Wellbeing, Finance, Benefit and Debt and Dependency and Recovery work to support people leaving custody with their rehabilitative needs. We also work within custody to support Foreign Nationals and those on remand, as well as delivering HMP Thameside’s Offender Management Unit.

Delivering services across the criminal justice sector for the past 15 years has afforded Catch22 the opportunity to develop, grow and innovate in the way it designs and runs these services, which we believe holds the key to unlocking new levels of impact and inclusivity within the justice system. By embracing innovation in various aspects, justice services like those that Catch22 delivers can revolutionise the way they operate and positively support those they are designed to serve.

Innovation in justice is a necessity. It brings service design that is tailored to individual needs, collaborative stakeholder engagement, empathy grounded in lived experiences, a commitment to protected characteristics, effective interventions and a nurturing workplace. By continuously thinking of new ways to do things, justice services can truly fulfil their essential role in society – promoting fairness, rehabilitation, and safety for all.