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The Wave launches to support young people who have experienced care in Northamptonshire

A young woman looks thoughtfully to the right, away from the camera.

Catch22 is delighted to announce that it has been funded by the Bridges Outcomes Partnerships to deliver The Wave – a pilot service for young people who have experienced care in Northamptonshire.

Building on experience from our previous relationship-based Pause service in Northamptonshire, The Wave will offer holistic and flexible support to people aged 16-25 who are currently in care or who have experience of being in care, and who are identified as at risk of unsafe or unhealthy relationships.

Caseworkers at The Wave will have low caseloads compared to similar services, to ensure that they have the capacity to work intensively with each individual and provide young-person-led support. Their work will focus on building positive relationships, improving life choices and reducing risk and harm, with an aim to increase the independence and resilience of those it supports.

Joey Woodage, Service Manager at The Wave, said:  

“We are really excited to be able to continue important relationship-based work across Northamptonshire by supporting young people with experience of care. It has been a real honour and privilege to be given the resources to deliver this pilot in a community we care about. We are pleased to continue working with the close partners we have built over the years and look forward to building new ones.”

The Wave service will become part of Catch22’s portfolio of services for care leavers, which includes our National Leaving Care Benchmarking Forum and our Keep Care leavers Connected campaign.

With Catch22’s dedication and national campaigning efforts to support care experienced young people’s transition to independence, alongside our proven track record of delivering relationship-based services and reducing harm and risk, this service promises to make a lasting difference to the lives of these young people.